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Strategic Planning Process
To get started in your coaching program, we’ll begin with taking you through a strategic planning process. Your strategic planning process may include:

Your ActionCOACH Business Coach will conduct a business alignment with you in the first month of the coaching program. The purpose of the business alignment is to identify your personal and business goals, your business challenges, target market characteristics, and business practices currently in place. Then a plan will be developed to align the activities of you and your team to achieve your personal and business goals throughout the Coaching Program.

For businesses with the equivalent of at least three full-time team members, a team alignment will be conducted with your team in the two months of the business coaching program. The purpose of the team alignment is to unify your team behind your vision, to align your team’s activity with your goals for the year, and to jump-start the business coaching program for maximum results.

Your ActionCOACH Business Coach will work with you using our proprietary business-planning tool to create a comprehensive business plan, an analysis of where your business is today, and an action plan with the steps that can be taken to improve performance so that your goals can be achieved. This service includes the creation of a one, three, and five-year financial forecast for your business.

Succession Planning

When you exit your business, the years of experience and knowledge you have acquired walk out with you. ActionCOACH can help you prepare the next generation of leadership to continue operating at the same level or better. Your coach will assist in creating a succession plan that will identify the right successor and the right timeline for transition. Then, we will begin systemizing your knowledge to ensure that the processes and procedures that come naturally to you, feel natural to the new leadership.

Business Brokering

ActionCOACH can provide business brokering services to help you acquire a new business. Acquisitions are the quickest way to grow a business, but should be part of a well-planned, long-term strategy. Your coach will help you attend to the details of purchasing a business and help you focus on the long-term return of the transaction.

When it is time to exit your business, ActionCOACH can provide a business valuation and help you attract the right buyer. Understanding your business valuation will help you create a strategy and timeline for the sale of the business. Your coach can also help provide strategies to help you raise the valuation on your business to make sure you get the most of your hard work.

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