Marketing Services

Marketing can mean many things. It can be used to bring in more leads or maybe just better leads. It can help you attract new employees and position your organization as an industry leader. Through our sister company, Bajillion Agency, your coach can help you outline goals that our marketing services can help you achieve. We apply creativity to real problems to help you think bigger and achieve greater.

Brand Development

Your logo is not your brand. Your brand is the images, language, and perceptions associated with your organization. It is what people say about you when you are not in the room. Your coach can recommend a brand development process through Bajillion Agency. In a brand development process, we will identify the core values of your organization, the objections you must overcome, and the appropriate strategy for telling your unique brand story. Then we will help create the appropriate imagery, language, and support elements to help your brand take shape in a way that is meaningfully unique.

Video Services

Video has the ability to tell a complex story better than almost any single media. Through our sister company, MotoVike Films, your coach may recommend video services to help put your organization on display in a powerful. Through cinematic storytelling, you will be able to reach your audience in new ways.

Strategic Partnerships

Our full-service marketing agency helps people take big ideas to market, reach more people, and change their world. They specialize in memorable brand development and storytelling. They listen, provide strategic solutions, and are fun to work with.

MotoVike Films specializes in creating storytelling videos that connect with people at an emotional, gut level. They create shareable content for web, TV spots, special event presentation films, and documentaries. We look forward to introducing you to them.

The Empowered Practice is a coaching and training organization for successful dental practices who want to increase their earnings per hour and work toward having a profitable practice that works without them. Take your practice from successful to exceptional.

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