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Business coaching is more than business consulting. Our team of world-class coaches roll up their sleeves and work alongside you to maximize the potential that exists within a business. Business coaching is about teaching you to unlock the power you have to lead change and then holding you accountable to the plan you create.

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Earl Kemper

President & Master Business Coach

Earl Kemper believes that the key to success in life and business is to have a burning passion to be the best that you can possibly be, have clarity, and confidently take action. He helps business owners achieve freedom, finances, and fulfillment in their lives and in their businesses.

Over the past 35 years, Earl has coached more than 1,400 business owners, who on average, will double profits in their business within 36 months. Earl is an authority on developing strategic alliances and referrals strategy. He helps his clients achieve more with less by increasing their sales, profits, and most importantly, helping them achieve the vision they have for their business and life.

Earl is a Master Coach with ActionCOACH Business Coaching in Topeka, Kansas and is booked internationally with speaking, coaching, and training engagements. His team serves organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


Global Coach of the Year (2x)

The Americas Coach of the Year (5x)

Global Franchise Award

#1 Coaching results out of 1,100 offices

Coaches Choice Award

Anthony Blanco

Certified Business Coach

Anthony finds personal satisfaction in helping business owners find their significance and freedom, and create an impact. His passion is engaging people in their vision for their life and business then helping them pursue that vision. At ActionCOACH Business Coaching, Anthony helps business owners and leadership teams dream big, set achievable goals, and gives them the tools to accomplish the goals.

Anthony has been consulting with business owners for more than a decade and was a Top 3 Coach at Personalized Brokerage Services. During his career at Advisors Excel, the fastest-growing financial brokerage firm in the United States, Anthony launched a new division (Advisors Excel Marketing Initiatives) with Tony Robbins, Josh Robbins, and Cody Foster (Founder of Advisors Excel). He was licensed in 50 states for financial services.

He has worked with high net worth clients across the country, as a coach in a Tony Robbins program focusing on wealth mastery and business mastery. Anthony is a lifelong learner and loves to teach. He has a Masters in Business Administration and an emphasis in HR Management. He specializes in training on topics of Leadership, Team Building, and Mindset and is the lead coach for Entrepreneur Academy.

Anthony loves new challenges and has competed in 6 Triathlons and the Ironman 140.6. He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have three children together. Together with his wife Evie, he started a nutrition coaching business and are in the top 5% worldwide.


Global Coach of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Andrea Engstrom

Certified Business Coach

Andrea Engstrom is the co-founder of Bajillion Agency and a business coach in the global organization, ActionCOACH Business Coaching. She specializes in sales and marketing strategy and helping clients connect to high-level strategic alliances. She helps businesses get better leads, close bigger deals, and measure their return on investment.

Andrea has been an entrepreneur and marketing professional in Topeka, Kansas since 1999, working with teams to create international and regional award-winning marketing campaigns resulting in tremendous growth and success for her clients. With an eye on what’s working in marketing strategy and sales processes, she helps her clients think bigger, execute plans with excellence, and get results.

Her personal passion is improving quality of life for her clients and her community, which often results in creating new jobs as they grow the business and attract talent. She is involved in community development serving on the GO Topeka board and quality of life planning projects. She and her husband and their children live in a loft in Downtown Topeka, Kansas, where they are excited to be a part of the revitalization at the heart of the city.


International Economic Development Council Marketing (3)

Southern Economic Development Council (9)

American Advertising Federation, Judges Choice + Best of Show

Top 100 Coach ActionCOACH Business Coaching

Top 20 Under 40, Topeka Kansas 2010

Business Coaching Team Awards

Global Coach of the Year (3x)

The Americas Coach of the Year (5x)

Global Franchise Award

#1 Coaching results out of 1,100 offices

Coaches Choice Award (2x)

Global Most Community Impact by an Individual

Global PlanningCLUB (2x)

Americas PlanningCLUB

The Americas GrowthCLUB

Americas Partner of the Year

Rookie of the Year (over the past 14 years, four of our coaches have been awarded)

ActionCOACH Hall of Fame Inductee

Strategic Partnerships

Our full-service marketing agency helps people take big ideas to market, reach more people, and change their world. They specialize in memorable brand development and storytelling. They listen, provide strategic solutions, and are fun to work with.

MotoVike Films specializes in creating storytelling videos that connect with people at an emotional, gut level. They create shareable content for web, TV spots, special event presentation films, and documentaries. We look forward to introducing you to them.

The Empowered Practice is a coaching and training organization for successful dental practices who want to increase their earnings per hour and work toward having a profitable practice that works without them. Take your practice from successful to exceptional.

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